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I was raised on a small farm in Central Washington State, growing up in a family of artists, musicians and avid gardeners.  This is where I cultivated my close relationship with nature, a love for country living and watching the seasons change.   I traveled and lived in Alaska for several years and I also worked on the Trans-Alaska Pipeline at the Arctic Circle.  The terrain there was vast, colorful and without doubt inspired my interest in abstract expressionism.  I have traveled in the USA in search of warm climates and warm colors and “Walked in the footsteps of Georgia O’Keeffe” in Taos and Abiquiú, New Mexico.  I have also traveled to Chile, and Europe and have had several sojourns to the south of France where my ancestors began.  I enjoyed painting in Giverny and Monet’s Garden, as well as St. Remy, Avignon, the St. Pierre Valley, and Les Baux.  Just to name a few of my favorite places.  I settled in Bend, Oregon in the mid 70’s and I love hiking and painting in such a beautiful and diverse area.

I earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Painting and Drawing from Southern Oregon University, graduating Magna Cum Laude with Honors.  I also received a Chinese Brush Painting Certificate from a summer course at University of Oregon, and completed the Art for Teachers course at Oregon State University – Cascade Campus.  I have studied  Zenga Waterbrush Painting with Chinese Waterbrush Master , Alok, and I continue to study Haiku & Zenga Waterbrush Painting with Jeb Barton in Bend.  I have practiced Yang style Tai Chi, Qi-gong and Sword form for over 25 years.  I am also a writer and I have self-published my first book of poetry; ‘Rock Speaks Loud, Soft yet Strong’ and I am currently writing my second book of short stories, prose and poetry.

While at Southern Oregon University I focused on the art of color, while taming a fierce fascination with the macro world.  I developed my own style of macro-impressionism in oil painting and palette knife technique.  I also create large format contemporary charcoal drawings and I enjoy an intimate style of design in watercolor and ink.  I believe as Robert Henri clearly states in his book ‘The Art Spirit’:

“We are not here to do what has already been done.”  



In the simplicity of nature there is perfection but not all of nature is perfect. As a keen observer of nature I find that I am drawn to those things that at first appear perfect, but upon deeper scrutiny are actually quite the contrary.
I love the imperfect parts of nature that resolve themselves into sheer beauty without complexity. There is a natural shape to things that I like to allow to prevail in my work; not the usual perfection of things but the unexpected parts of nature that we can only experience with close examination.

I am striving to show the uniqueness of nature in all of it’s elegant splendor. It truly is the harmony in chaos that I see. That in itself can create the ultimate experience in art for me… as well as the amazing process from within, when time really does stand still and the creation of art unfolds.